This isn't in proper GNU Changelog format, but should be converted to that layout when I get a chance. 2011-05-30 Released stable version 11.05 2009-02-21 Added bConsole where you can enter any TCL commands and get the results back to your browser. 2009-02-20 New function bRound(value, precision) that does "bankers rounding" to numeric values. The timestamps are to millisecond accuracy, so they are now rounded to 8 decimal places. The date/time conversion (UBCONVTIMESTAMP) rounds timestamp values to 8DP. Other minor bits, and tidying up of small bug in bEnter. 2009-02-01 BCONVTIMESTAMP now does an output conversion showing milliseconds by default Other tiny bits of tidying up 2009-01-02 ENTER is now mostly working. Lots of tiny bits and pieces 2008-12-09 Fixed Blist so that it does not try to render html in fields. 2008-12-08 Cleanup minor bits. Fix BLIST so that an export to spreadsheet correctly handles multivalues Fixes to the account install. 2008-11-30 Cleanup the account installer. Enhance BServerStatus to show software (MD) RAID status Several other minor fixes. 2008-11-20 Lots of unrecorded fixes & changes. Anji can now be installed into a pre-existing account Improved display of files using default dictionary item @DATAFIELDS, which can be user edited. 2008-08-29 Improved display of dictionary from BFILES. Column sorting now works 2008-08-24 Fixed the way that BDICTED edits dictionary records, and creates the file header. this now works without locking up the system on occasion. 2008-08-22 Changed the way that the system time is accessed. Now it is vital to set the TZ variable in the startup script to UTC. See my "Timezone rant" for more details. 2008-08-18 BLISTFILE now allows each column to be selected to sort the sample by. Just click on the column heading. Some other minor fixes to the login page. 2008-07-07 BLISTFILE now reads the DICT/@DATAFIELDS Phrase to see what fields should be displayed. Also it shows a sample of 10 records, and allows this value to be altered. Also, it sorts by @ID. 2008-07-17 Moved the tags into BGATEWAY and BSENDHEADERS, so that user programme does not have to do this. Allows for creation of portlet style programmes. 2008-07-07 Stripped out most of the WEBSTER dictionary data, leaving everything starting with 'Z' The whole dictionary is now a separate download. 2008-06-29 Implemented BCreateUUID, a function to create random keys (similar to UUID). Due to poor randomness of OpenQM's rnd() function, this code is platform tied to linux. 2008-06-12 Added in the WEBSTER data file for the AJAX demo programme. This increases size of Anji release to 4.3Mb. 2008-06-12 Fixed the incorrect content-type that was being sent to the browser. Should work much better now. Stil does not render correctly on IE, but at least it does not ask if you want to download the file. IE currently displays the XML code. 2008-06-11 Improved browser compatability. Standardised on XHTML 1.0 Transitional 2008-06-07 First GPL Anji release which actually installs and runs. Prior versions were mainly proprietary and ran with AREV and OpenInsight.