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About us

  • History
    We were founded in 1988 by Ashley Chapman, the principle consultant, to provide services to other enterprises which were inadequately supported by computer vendors and their standard packages.
  • Our software philosphy
    The attitude of "one size fits all", usually results in a poor fit to the business. Usually it means, "suits everybody equally badly". We aim to provide systems that fit you perfectly, within the budget constraints imposed. By using our expertise and experience, we can usually produce a bespoke solution that is no more expensive than the packaged system. Often it's cheaper!
  • Geographical coverage
    We are based about 100miles to the Southwest of London. With current communication technologies, we can service clients throughout the world. We do, however, have a preference for clients within a short journey of our offices. Nothing really beats face-to-face meetings.
  • Ethics
    We try to treat customers in the same way that we would like to be treated ourselves. Sometimes things go wrong, but we always pick up the ball. Over the years we have learnt that customers appreciate openness and honesty.
  • Payments
    We do not treat our suppliers as free sources of cashflow, and so pay them immediately upon invoice. Similarly, we expect our customers to pay us as soon as they possibly can. If this is not feasible, then we can operate on a pro-forma basis. We have no hesitation in declining the opportunity of working for clients who find this unacceptable.
  • Intellectual rights
    We are a strong proponent of copyright. Generally, we retain the copyright on all code that we provide, but license it for unrestricted use with the customer's business. This is a fair basis, and protects both the client and ourselves. Whenever there are restrictions as to the software use, then we will make those clear to the client before they have committed themselves to the project.

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