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  • Application Programming
    We are specialists in Revelation, OpenInsight and OpenQM. Our staff have been using these technologies for many years, so can avoid the pitfalls that often trap inexperienced developers.
  • Systems Support
    Our principle expertise lies with Unix and Linux. Over the years, we have also gathered extensive experience of most systems including VMS, Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Windows (all versions), Novell Netware and several others which few have ever heard of!.
  • Network design
    The network is often the Achilles' heel of a system. As it's fundamentally invisible to most people, it's often assumed that it will work without any planning or maintenance. This is not the case, and we have the necessary experience, tools and contacts to ensure you have a network that you can depend upon. The way it should be.
  • Broadband Tuneup This service is aimed at the small business or domestic user who is unhappy with the performace or reliability of their broadband or wifi wireless network. Further details here
  • Unix and compatibles
    We have been using Unix and it's various clones (BSD, Solaris, Ubuntu, Redhat, Linux etc) since 1979. We have a long history here, which we will spare you from. Suffice to say that we still don't know it all, but have enough expertise across all the various flavours of Unix to ensure that your system can be kept running without problem
  • Free, open software
    Open source software is often overlooked by businesses, but it can be a very powerful tool. Often, the problem is finding the jewel in the rockpile, or the needle in the haystack. We have the experience necessary to find the right FOSS application to fill your requirement. The benefits are numerous, including reliability, compatibility, performance as well as the zero cost element.
  • Hardware
    We have been able to help clients to gain higher performance from lower cost of hardware. Even after the cost of our consultancy has been deducted. In one case, we halved the total cost of the hardware element of a system upgrade.
  • Consultancy
    Whatever your requirement, we can probably help you in some way. If we don't know what to do, then we will tell you straight. We usually know somebody else who has the expertise to help.

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