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Providing Business Solutions since 1988

We are a small independent consultancy, based near Yeovil in the Southwest of England.


SPECALISED Software Solutions

We have been helping companies to achieve outstanding results through the use of our bespoke services and software. Our principle area of expertise is in the use of multidimensional databases to provide administrative support.

A database is a model of your business system. By using a multivalued database, the model more closely resembles your business and so is more able to adapt to change. This gives a high level of success in implementation, and has the added bonus of high performance without using expensive high-end servers. The right tool for the job.


We have stopped the practice of reselling hardware, software, or services to our clients. We found there was an increasing level of conflict with the client's best interests, which was difficult to resolve.

We have found that it's much more beneficial to the client to provide truly impartial advice on IT aspects such as hardware, service providers (e.g. broadband) and software. On some rare occasions, it's necessary for us to act as intermediates. In those circumstances we fully disclose to the client, what our relationship is, and any commissions received.

No customer lock-in

We strongly believe in the value of client independence from supplier tie-in. We provide all the source code used in our programming. If, for any reason, we were unable to support a customers critical systems, then other consultancies will be able to take over our roles. In fact, we even go so far as to provide a short list of other specialists who may be able to assist the customer in their hour of need. In short, we are so confident of our abilities that we feel no need to tie clients to us with underhand restrictions.

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